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University is totally different from high school because it is much harder and you will have to do most of your work by yourself. Great that the internet has many good sources that you can always use to get help with your college homework at any time. This is a very good version of the myth. This is about Theseus and the Minotaur. I suggest looking up just Minotaur. The information about this Greek myth is partly correct but you need more detail like the fact that boys and girls were sent every 9 yrs.

No its not real this is just a myth the Greek made up. Yes, this is the correct story line. The story about the Minotaur was very useful. I spent lots of time looking for information but at last I found the right information. Short and sweet. Perfect for my project.

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I recommend this information to those who want short , detailed and useful information. Hey guys….

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So on the third year, Theseus went. So this version is correct based on the actual Greek versions of the myth! The annual period is given by J. Zimmerman cites Virgil, Apollodorus, and Pausanias.

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The nine-year period appears in Plutarch and Ovid. As with many myths and creation stories there are often several different versions. Thank you. One of my favorite myths. There are many other great myths but these mentioned and the myth of Theseus are by far my favorite. The thing about myths is that, even if there are many differently told versions of them, none of the versions are truly correct.

None of them CAN be correct because they are myths, therefore fictional. Well said. Just like the myths of the bible and Jesus.

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Nothing factual , just made up stories that happened to get popular. Thanks a lot! This really helped with my enlish project. I think this version of the story is gr8!

The English they use is very easy and I think it is suitable for all ages. I had an oral presentation to do on Theseus and the Minotaur.

Theseus and the Minotaur

He killed innocent, unarmed victims and feasted on their bodies. However, this description is given by the Athenians, who had a reason to hate the Minotaur: they were forced to supply victims for him to eat. Unfortunately, their records of the Minotaur were lost to time. King Minos was a son of the glorious god Zeus. Despite his pedigree, when Minos inherited the Minoan throne, his authority was disputed.

He responded by sacrificing a bull to the gods, then asking the gods to send him another bull, which he vowed to sacrifice as well. Coming from a god, the bull was incredibly powerful and beautiful.

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Its coat was dazzling white, and its muscles were like granite. The people of Minoa, including Minos, were enchanted by the bull, and Minos decided to spare the great beast and slaughter another in its place. When Poseidon learned that Minos had broken his vow and kept the bull alive, he was furious. He decided to curse Minos, and he spent days brooding over a curse worthy of this offense. The next morning, Paciphae woke with a new longing in her heart. Then he told Paciphae to hide inside the cow and wait for the bull to come by. Eventually, the bull came into the pasture, searching for sweet green grass—but an even sweeter sight met his eyes.

He was instantly enamored by the beautiful cow and decided to mate with her. Little did he know, he was actually mating with Paciphae, who was hidden inside the cow.


He ordered Daedalus to build a cage to imprison the child. Daedalus studied the child, and again, he came up with a solution. The child was already strong, and Daedalus predicted that he would grow up to be so powerful that he could rip through any cage. However, he did not seem to be very intelligent. Therefore, Daedalus decided to build a massive puzzle to trap the beast, and the first labyrinth was created. When it was finished, the Minotaur was placed in the center of the puzzle, where he had no chance of finding his way out.

Later, King Minos waged war against Athens and won. As a punishment, he demanded that Athens send seven young men and seven young women, each year, to be sacrificed. The young people were stripped of weapons and sent into the labyrinth, to feed the Minotaur. After Athens had sacrificed countless young men and women to the bloodthirsty Minotaur, Theseus , the prince of Athens, decided to put an end to the carnage. He volunteered to go with the next group of Athenians and kill the Minotaur. The Athenians were stripped of weapons and tossed into a prison cell, where they would wait until morning came and then be sent into the labyrinth, while all of Minos celebrated.

Luckily for Theseus, Princess Ariadne had fallen in love with him at first sight. She snuck to his prison cell and gave him a sword and a ball of thread. The next morning, the Athenians were forced into the labyrinth.