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The young author John Norman has written a series which bears an amazing resemblance to the Barsoom chronicles; Tarl Cabot on the counter-earth planet of Gor If you long to live the glories of another Barsoom, come with me to Gor and enjoy more topnotch fantasy. Convert currency.

Nomads of Gor: Gorean Saga, Book 4 (Unabridged)

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Shipped from UK. Established seller since Seller Inventory IQ Book Description Condition: New. Seller Inventory n. Never used! This item is printed on demand. Seller Inventory Language: English. Brand new Book. Will he be accepted by the tribe and learn the secrets they guard with their lives-or will he die trying? Turia the high-walled, the nine-gated, was the Gorean city lying in the midst of the huge prairies claimed by the Wagon Peoples.

Awkwardly, carrying his sack, the peasant turned and stumbled on, casting occasional terrified glances over his shoulder. In the distance, to one side and the other, I could see other human beings, running, carrying burdens, driving animals with sticks, fleeing. The Wagon Peoples claimed the southern prairies of Gor, from gleaming Thassa and the mountains of Ta-Thassa to the southern foothills of the Voltai Range itself, that reared in the crust of Gor like the backbone of a planet.

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On the north they claimed lands even to the rush-grown banks of the Cartius, a broad, swift flowing tributary feeding into the incomparable Vosk. The land between the Cartius and the Vosk had once been within the borders of the claimed empire of Ar, but not even Marlenus, Ubar of Ubars, when master of luxurious, glorious Ar, had flown his tarnsmen south of the Cartius. In the past months I had made my way, afoot, overland, across the equator, living by hunting and occasional service in the caravans of merchants, from the northern to the southern hemisphere of Gor. Briefly, for those it might interest, all directions on the planet are calculated from the Sardar Mountains, which for the purposes of calculating direction play a role analogous to our north pole; the two main directions, so to speak, in the Gorean way of thinking are Ta-Sardar-Var and Ta-Sardar-Ki-Var, or as one would normally say, Var and Ki-Var; 'Var' means a turning and 'Ki' signifies negation; thus, rather literally, one might speak of 'turning to the Sardar' and 'not turning to the Sardar', something like either facing north or not facing north; on the other hand, more helpfully, the Gorean compass is divided into eight, as opposed to our four, main quadrants, or better said, divisions, and each of these itself is of course subdivided.

There is also a system of latitude and longitude figured on the basis of the Gorean day, calculated in Ahn, twenty of which constitute a Gorean day, and Ehn and Ihn, which are subdivisions of the Ahn, or Gorean hour. Accordingly, the main divisions of the map are Ta-Sardar-Var, and the other seven; taking the Sardar as our "north pole" the other directions, clockwise as Earth clocks move Gorean clock hands move in the opposite direction would be, first, Ta-Sardar-Var, then, in order, Ror, Rim, Tun, Vask sometimes spoken of as Verus Var, or the true turning away , Cart, Klim, and Kail, and then again, of course, Ta-Sardar-Var.

The Cartius River incidentally, mentioned earlier, was named for the direction it lies from the city of Ar.

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I crossed the Cartius on a barge, one of several hired by the merchant of the caravan with which I was then serving. These barges, constructed of layered timbers of Ka-la-na wood, are towed by teams of river tharlarion, domesticated, vast, herbivorous, web-footed lizards raised and driven by the Cartius bargemen, fathers and sons, interrelated clans, claiming the status of a caste for themselves.

Even with the harnessed might of several huge tharlarion drawing toward the opposite shore the crossing took us several pasangs downriver. The caravan, of course, was bound for Turia. No caravans, to my knowledge, make their way to the Wagon Peoples, who are largely isolated and have their own way of life. I left the caravan before it reached Turia. My business was with the Wagon Peoples, not the Turians, said to be indolent and luxury-loving; but I wonder at this charge, for Turia has stood for generations on the plains claimed by the fierce Wagon Peoples.

For some minutes I stood silently observing the animals and the men who pressed toward Turia, invisible over the brown horizon. I found it hard to understand their terror. Even the autumn grass itself bent and shook in brown tides toward Turia, shimmering in the sun like a tawny surf beneath the fleeing clouds above; it was as though the unseen wind itself, frantic volumes and motions of simple air, too desired its sanctuary behind the high walls of the far city.

Overhead a wild Gorean kite, shrilling, beat its lonely way from this place, seemingly no different from a thousand other places on these broad grasslands of the south.

I looked into the distance, from which these fleeing multitudes, frightened men and stampeding animals, had come. Shipped from UK. Paperback or Softback. Nomads of Gor.

Nomads Of Gor Gorean Saga By John Norman 20140506

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Synopsis About this title Join celebrated tarnsman Tarl Cabot in his latest adventure on the parallel planet of Gor, with its exotic lifestyle and social norms. About the Author : John Norman, born in Chicago, Illinois, in , is the creator of the Gorean Saga, the longest-running series of adventure novels in science fiction history. Buy New Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title.