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Thank you to all the finders who enjoyed it!

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Im glad you have come to help, this has truly gotten out of hand. A few of my creations have broken free and escaped! Prepare to embark on a series of caches created by the Cachesaurous. Most will be beginner friendly and a nice detour off you regular routes. These caches are quick park and grabs and will be scattered across the area. Are you brave enough to hunt them down?

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  • 10 Disgustingly Awesome Slime Monsters?

This particular creature was going to be "The Blob" devouring everything in its path. I was going to release it to the public to cause panic and fear.

However before its release I left the oven on too long and well, it shrunk. Now its it's just too small to be scary and after seeing how much fun Blue Goo is having it too has broken free from my lab. This creature is surrounded by a very high muggle traffic, it wont be easy to recover. However is the smiley worth it?

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This song will remain with you forever! Please play safe on the roads, you won't like the good Dr Frankenstein to patch you up. Congratulations; to any brave monster hunter Lifegaurd1 on the First to Find.

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Banner: Found the cache, here's a banner to add to your profile page. Copy and paste the following html code to your profile bio box. Cache Creators Note: We love making caches. We want them fun and if there are any issues please contact me directly. If there is something you dont like or feel comfortable with please abort and let me know, or move on.

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Happy Caching and Stay safe out there. For optimal viewing our caches are best viewed in a web browser. Additional Hints Decrypt. What are Attributes? Advertising with Us. There are no Trackables in this cache. View past Trackables. What are Trackable Items? Spoilers may be included in the descriptions or links. Use this space to describe your geocache location, container, and how it's hidden to your reviewer.

It eats by enveloping and dissolving other creatures. Emerald Ooze looks like a huge pulsing liquid emerald. It attacks with Combat Tentacles pseudopods and every living it touches is turned into more Emerald Ooze. Black Slime is a thick puddle of black shiny tar-like slime. It dissolves the flesh of any creature it touches and hunts by detecting the magnetic field of its victims.

Blue Slime looks like a puddle of deep blue goo. It attacks either with 10 foot long Combat Tentacles or by enveloping its victim and dissolving it. It hunts by detecting the heat given off by its target. Chartreuse Slime is a viscous puddle of bright green quivering goo that smells of mint.

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It uses Combat Tentacles to grab its prey. Gold Slime looks like a pool of glowing molten gold. It attacks by enveloping a target or grabbing it with a palp Combat Tentacles. Orange Slime appears to be a 1 inch thick layer of bright orange slime. It can dissolve bare flesh by touch. Red Slime is immune to normal fire and resistant to magical fire. It can flow on ceilings to attack victims from above. Silver Slime looks like a pool of liquid mercury. Its touch causes massive damage to organic materials such as living tissue and it can enter and leave the ethereal plane at will.

White Slime can attack either with Combat Tentacles each 13 feet long or by wrapping itself around its opponent and dissolving it. In either case it can paralyze a target by touch. The Greater Demon Shuggondra the Bloated One is a huge white mass of squirming, quivering translucent flesh with various protuberances pods, nodules, tentacles etc. It has no apparent eyes or mouth. It attacks by crushing and digesting opponents or shooting out a poisonous gas. Any damage it takes is healed at a rate of 8 HitPoints per melee round.

The Lightning Mound is a mound of jelly that can sense heat and will attack any moving warm object nearby. It has a 20 foot long tentacle extending from its center that does massive damage and will not let go until the target is dead. The Surface Tension Monster is a completely transparent giant amoeba. It can also take the shape of a humanoid or a pool of water. Once it grabs a creature it will hold on and crush the victim for Hit Points of damage per turn until either it or the victim dies.

Midkemia Press' Heart of the Sunken Lands There are a variety of slimes in the Sunken Lands, all amorphous blobs of living flesh that live in wet areas and can grow as large as pounds. They are aggressively carnivorous, flowing along the ground and enveloping any creature slower than they are.

They attack by secreting an acidic corrosive that eats away their victim's body. They reproduce by splitting off small slimes. The Woodsmasher appears to be giant version of the common slimes experts think they may be slimes that continued growing instead of splitting off baby slimes. There are no more than a couple of dozen of them in the Sunken Lands. They leave a trail of devastation 10 yards wide behind them as they travel.

Shadowrun supplement Paranormal Animals of Europe.

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The Protean is an amorphous Awakened magical monster made out of protozoans that resemble the dysentery bacterium. It engulfs animals and digests them with its acidic secretions.

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Goo lacks most of the weaknesses of complex organisms that have internal organs, eyeballs, debts, and regrets.