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Nickel Deficiency and Functions IV. Sources of Nickel V.

TEMA Trace Elements in Man and Animals | EVISA's Agenda of Events

Nickel Toxicity References 7 Manganese I. Manganese Metabolism III. Manganese Deficiency and Functions IV. Manganese Requirements V. Sources of Manganese VI. Manganese Toxicity References 8 Zinc I.

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Zinc Metabolism III. Zinc Deficiency and Functions IV. Zinc Requirements V. Sources of Zinc VI. Zinc Toxicity References 9 Cadmium I. Cadmium Metabolism III. Sources of Cadmium IV. Cadmium Toxicity References 10 Chromium I.

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Chromium Metabolism III. Chromium Deficiency and Functions IV.

  1. Trace Elements in Human and Animal Nutrition.
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  4. Chromium Sources and Requirements V. Chromium Toxicity References 11 Iodine I. Iodine Metabolism III. Iodine Deficiency and Functions IV. Iodine Requirements V.

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    Sources of Iodine VI. Goitrogenic Substances VII. Iodine Toxicity References 12 Selenium I.

    Selenium Metabolism III. Selenium Deficiency and Functions IV. Selenium Sources and Requirements V. Selenium and Cancer VI. Selenium Toxicity References 13 Fluorine I. Fluorine Metabolism III. Fluorine Functions and Requirements IV. Sources of Fluorine V. Fluorine Toxicity References 14 Mercury I. Mercury Metabolism III. Sources of Mercury IV. Mercury Toxicity References 15 Vanadium I. Vanadium Metabolism III.

    Trace Elements in Man and Animals

    Vanadium Functions and Requirements IV. Sources of Vanadium V. Vanadium Toxicity References 16 Silicon I. Silicon Metabolism III. Silicon Deficiency and Functions IV. Silicon Requirements and Sources V.

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    Silicon Toxicity References 17 Lead I. Lead Metabolism III. Sources of Lead IV.

    Lead Toxicity References 18 Arsenic I. Arsenic Metabolism III. Arsenic as an Essential Element IV. Sources of Arsenic V. Aluminum II. Antimony III. Barium IV. Boron V. Bromine VI. Germanium VII. Lithium VIII. Potassium is universally present in all foods. Selenium Se Micronutrient No known function but this mineral can accumulate in some plant species. Sulphur may interfere with selenium uptake in crop production. Selenium first recorded as a poison in cattle grazing on high Se soils in 's. Deficiency causes white muscle disease in animals.

    Deficiency known to be responsible for a heart weakening disease Vitamin E and selenium interact to form free radical scavengers. Pastures in Alberta may be deficient in or occasionally contain toxic levels of available Se. S may interfere with Se plant uptake and animal metabolism.

    Plays a role in disease resistance in crop plants. A structural component of some plant species. Believed to hook fibrous body tissues, collagen and elastin tightly together. Possible role in bone calcification. Not until was Si shown to have a role in animal and human health. Sodium Na Micronutrient Deficient unknown Adequate unknown Many cultivated crops, such as beets, were originally sea shore plants. Sugar beets will respond to sodium fertilization.


    Major ion in the fluids of the body outside the cells. Present usually as sodium chloride NaCl. Sodium controls body water balance and has a role in muscle contraction. A diet high in calcium and magnesium can lead to sodium loss.